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'Unbeatable' Anime Rhythm Adventure set for Release in 2025!

D-CELL GAMES and PlayStack are officially collaborating with each other and are working on a new Anime-styled Rhythm Adventure game titled 'Unbeatable' that is set to be released in 2025! Both Playstack and D-CELL GAMES have released the trailer for the game on their official X (formerly known as Twitter) account.

The game was first publicly announced back on Christmas Day 2018, and the game's first official trailer was first released in early 2020.

The protagonist of the game is Beat, just a regular girl who loves music, yet she's also dealing with trouble in her life as there are cops are who angry at her for her passion for music, who practically no good reason at all. Though things seem to get a whole lot worse after Beat continues to befriend others whom the cops are also mad at.

The game features various types of gameplay that is sure to keep players entertained during their time playing the game, such as speaking to NPCs, doing small tasks, performing in concerts and battling cops. Players will also get the chance to battle monsters that are in the game as well. Everything seems chaotic for Beat, but at least the music will help Beat overcome it all. The game will also feature a 100% original soundtrack that players will surely get the chance to listen to, the moment the games comes out.

Unbeatable will launch for PC via Steam in 2025. The game is currently unreleased on Steam and players can add the game into their wishlist and purchase the game the moment it releases.

People will have the chance to demo the game by signing up on the official Unbeatable website:


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