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Ubisoft is Looking Forward to the "Next 10 Years" of Support for Rainbow Six Siege

Are you excited to see R6S in the next 10 years?

Ubisoft has revealed a ton of information regarding Rainbow Six Siege's future planning this year. As Rainbow Six Siege is closing to Year 8, the developers have shared additional thoughts about Rainbow Six Siege's future in the "next 10 years" of support.

(image source: MP1st)

In the Six Invitational 2023 event, the R6S Creative Director Alexander Karpazis has answered about the future plans for Rainbow Six Siege.

So we’re already moving up to the Year 8 of Siege, and we are so committed to this game, we are already looking at the next 10 years of Siege. We know all of you have invested so much time, so much love into this game that we’ll not abandon it. We are here to stay. – Alexander Karpazis, Creative Director of Rainbow Six Siege

Despite its slow start, Rainbow Six Siege has achieved mass support among fans, contributing to Ubisoft's earnings. Will you show your support towards the game for another upcoming 10 years?

Source: MP1st, TechRaptor


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