Twitter May Add Trusted Friends Audience Option

Twitter may be getting a new Trusted Friends audience option, which as the name suggests, allows users to restrict selected tweets to a small selection of people.

As reported by The Verge, Trusted Friends is one of several new features that are being considered for the social media platform. They are not in active development at the moment, but Twitter is hoping to gather feedback by tweeting about them early.

Aside from Trusted Friends, which sounds like a much more convenient alternative to creating alternate accounts for different audiences, there’s also Facets for categorizing tweets when sending them as well as another feature for users to list phrases that they don’t want to see in their replies.

Image source: Twitter

Trusted Friends may provide a toggle option to indicate that a tweet is meant for the public or only for selected people, while Facets could allow people to follow a person’s tweets about a specific subject instead of following the account in general. As for the last feature, it’s meant to highlight the user’s listed phrases to followers and warn against using them. Those replying are ultimately still free to ignore the warning, but users can push replies that ignore the warning to the bottom of a thread. #twitter