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TURBO OVERKILL is an Upcoming Cyberpunk FPS with a Chainsaw Leg

In case you’re looking for some cyberpunk FPS action, TURBO OVERKILL seems to have you covered, and then some. A gameplay reveal for the game, which is coming soon to PC, was recently released, and it looks pretty cool (and bloody, and neon) to say the least.

TURBO OVERKILL looks to be an old-school affair, which means no ironsights, an emphasis on movement, platforming, and keycards, but it also has a modern element in the form of wall-running. The guns shown in the trailer include basic weapons like dual pistols, a shotgun, dual SMGs, a double-barreled shotgun, and an assault rifle, as well harder-hitting weaponry like a hand that turns into a missile launcher and a double-barreled minigun (this game sure seems to like doubling things).

Then there are alt-fire modes, with one of the pistols being able to lock onto multiple enemies and blow them up with a blast of energy, while the minigun gets to turn into a flamer. The real star, however, is the protagonist’s chainsaw leg, which shreds a good number of enemies in the video and looks like crazy, gory fun.

According to the game’s Steam page, TURBO OVERKILL will have three “distinctive” episodes, “maze-like” levels that contain secrets like mix-tapes and hidden levels, and body modifications that allow for abilities like chainsaw sliding, double-jumping, and complete air control. Enemies will range from “tech augmented street thugs to huge flesh and metal monstrosities”, and combat will involve “Excessive gore and dismemberment”.

In case you need some context for the chainsaw action, here’s what Steam has to say:

“Turbo Overkill is a cyberpunk FPS where you play as a violent killing machine with a chainsaw for a leg. The streets of Neo-paradise are in peril from a rapid rise of crime and an evolving AI that is melding flesh and metal in the shadows. You are The Street Cleaner. Half man, half machine. Your contract is simple: Slaughter them all.”


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