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Tower Of Fantasy Releases A Huge 2.1 Update

Publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio have rolled out the latest Tower Of Fantasy Update, 2.1 update Confounding Labyrinth which was released on 22 November.

The 2.1 updates introduced a new map - Confounding Abyss, a simulacrum character - Lin, new bosses, challenges, and a 48-player battle royale mode - Break From Destiny.

Confounding Abyss

Located just beneath Mirroria, players will explore the ruins of the Third City that is filled with terrain and obstacles. A few dangerous encounters will happen during the exploration such as: -

Prism Pillar: Leftover ruins within the Abyss are surrounded by dangerous obstacles lurking behind passageways. Only the flickering light can reveal the traces of the past and mysteries that one can find.

Deep soul Industrial Zone: The Deepsoul Industrial Zone Area surrounding the Scientific Research Centre is covered in Karst caves. Its humid and warm environment is a paradise for growing one-of-a-kind fungi.

Exploring further into the Confound Abyss, players are bound to encounter new lifeforms in the area. One of it is a portion of Crystal Hoof: Culton's body which had fused with a mysterious crystal, resulting in a rock-like bodice. Aside from the latest map, the latest character Lin is also gracing us.


As the daughter of the founder of Mirroria and raised to be his successor, the people have accepted Lin as a leader, despite not being officially appointed.

With her endless training from a young age, Lin showcases her strength and prefers fighting the frontlines resulting in amazing results. Her alteration ability is what makes her stand out. This allows Lin to break limitations, utilizing all elements which players can take full advantage of.


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