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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Own the All-rounder Robot Vacuum - Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

The Roborock S8 Series is the newest flagship robot vacuum lineup that is designed to deliver a more simplified life to this generation. It consists of three different models, Roborock S8 Pro Ultra, Roborock S8+, and Roborock S8.

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is the premium variant of the S-series, it boasts the all-new RockDock Ultra System to offer a suite of features that elevates smart home cleaning.

#1 Roborock's Most Convenient RockDock Ultra System

The Roborock RockDock Ultra System is first introduced on the S8 Pro Ultra. It allows automatic mop washing during cleanup and when finished after every use. It also comes with a Self-Drying system to dry the mop to prevent mold and unpleasant odors on the mop.

Moreover, it features a Self-Emptying system where it automatically empties dust and dirt after each cleanup for up to 7 weeks without changing the dust bag. Additionally, the Self-Refiling system refills the robot's water tank for a maximum mopping range of over 300 sqm. Therefore, you don't have to clean the robot straightaway after it has done its cleaning.

#2 Enhanced Cleaning Performance

Besides that, the S8 Series is powered by the strongest suction power at 6,000Pa. The new dual rubber roller brush, improves dirt pick up and is more effective in resisting hair tangles, making it an ideal robot vacuum for pet owners.

What's more, the brush on the S8 Pro Ultra will automatically lift up for 6mm under the mop-only mode when the robot vacuum returns to the dock to prevent cross-contamination in both instances.

#3 VibraRise 2.0 Mopping System

The mop automatically lifts up when cleaning on carpets and scrubs against floors with sonic mopping technology at a frequency of 3000 times per minute. Additionally, the S8 Pro Ultra also equips two vibration modules which are more efficient than the original mopping system.

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is priced at RM5,599 on the Roborock official store on Shopee and Lazada.


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