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Tired of Sharing Spotify with Your Partner? The New Premium Duo Plan Only Costs RM19.80 per Month

Solo plan not enough and family plan too much? Spotify has just launched the new Spotify Premium Duo plan, designed for couples living together but are sick of hearing each other's playlists.

The name itself is pretty self-explanatory, with the plan allowing two people (romantically involved or otherwise) living together to share a Spotify Premium plan that allows both accounts to enjoy all the benefits that a Premium plan entails

For just RM19.80 per month, both parties will be able their own individual playlists on top of enjoying ad-free on-demand streaming of music and podcasts.

Apart from that, the new Premium Duo plan also introduces the Duo Mix feature, which curates a regularly updated playlist with music that the couple usually listens to.

The plan is already available in Malaysia, so you can upgrade your subscription plan immediately under the 'Accounts' section - and don't worry, your account will remain unchanged, with your precious playlists, recommendations, and saved music staying intact.


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