The Xbox Series X Will Let You “Selectively Uninstall” Game Components

The Xbox Series X will give players the ability to “selectively uninstall different components” of a game, assuming that developers opt into the feature as well.

As reported by GamesRadar, the reveal was made by Xbox director of program management Jason Ronald during a new Xbox Podcast. "Let's say you play a campaign as an example, and then you want to focus exclusively on multiplayer,” Ronald said. “If the developers chose to support it, you can actually uninstall the campaign itself, so that you can be more in control of how you're actually using your storage, so you really get the most benefit out of the available storage that you have."

This certainly sounds like a nifty feature, especially for games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that take up over 200 GB through a combination of various components. Even for games that don’t take up such a monstrous amount of space, it’s still good to have the ability to uninstall a finished campaign and use the space for something else.

The Xbox Series X is set to be released on 10 November along with the Xbox Series S.

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