The Steam Digital Tabletop Fest Is Now Live

If you’re in need of some digital tabletop/tabletop-like experiences, the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest is now live and has got you covered.

The event, which will run until October 26, features discounts on various tabletop-themed games, a host of livestreams, and more. “A festival of virtual let’s plays, panels, talks, demos, discounts & more!” says Steam’s Twitter page. “We're exploring the fusion between physical & digital games with legendary designers, upcoming studios, and you.”

Popular titles that are a part of the event include Sid Meier's Civilization VI (RM44.75 after a 75% discount), Tabletop Simulator (RM19 after a 50% discount), XCOM 2 (RM47.50 after a 75% discount), and Slay the Spire (RM22 after a 50% discount).

Some of the other games featured in the fest are Race for the Galaxy (RM20.93 after a 30% discount), Frostpunk (RM17.34 after a 66% discount), Scythe: Digital Edition (RM23.40 after a 40% discount), and Blood Bowl 2 (RM10.40 after an 80% discount).

As for the livestreams, they include The Adventure Game Panel, which will feature “a conversation among experts in game design about Adventure Games”, a chess masterclass featuring Grandmaster Simon Williams, and a Q&A with Ananda Gupta, co-designer of Cold War game Twilight Struggle.

You can check out the event here.

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