The OnePlus Concept One Smartphone has an 'Invisible' Peekaboo Camera

Well, invisible sometimes.

When it comes to back cameras on smartphones, we've seen a fair variety of configurations - the few that instantly come to mind are vanilla, trypophobia, and fidget spinner.

But what do all of them have in common?

...they're all visible, all the time.

Well, OnePlus has an all new take on aesthetics with their new concept phone - the OnePlus Concept One. (Yes, I'm aware I sound very repetitive.)

Take a look:

The Papaya-hued McLaren leather-clad phone houses a razor-thin slice of electrochromic glass over its rear cameras, which seamlessly morphs between opaque and transparent when voltage is applied. It's pretty damn fast too - according to Engadget, the shift happens in about 0.7 seconds, which is an industry speed record.

Image credit: Wccftech

If you're thinking 'but what purpose does it serve beyond being a potential conversation starter?' then let us allay your concerns, because beyond simply being either opaque or transparent, it can also meet halfway and become semi-transparent!

[insert mindblown gif here] But wait, hear me out - it also has a practical purpose: the semi-transparent glass also serves as an ND (neutral density) filter, which allows you to take photos and videos in bright sunlight without being overexposed. This can be enabled in the Pro shooting mode, and is equivalent to a three f-stop reduction.

Image credit: GSMArena

Either way, it's a pretty piece of metal and glass, and if it ever comes to fruition, I'd love to get one to match my imaginary McLaren car.

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