• Stephanie

The Latest Fortnite Emote is Literally a Rickroll

Some memes just never get old, eh?

Fortnite's developers have always proved to be very in tune with pop culture, and boast an impressive number of high-profile collabs under their belt, including playable Thanos from Marvel's Infinity War and an in-game concert by renowned DJ Marshmello himself.

This time, Epic Games has shown that they not only thrive on riding the newest bandwagons, but pay tribute to classic trends as well.

Yeap, your eyes and ears are not deceiving you - you've just been rickrolled by Rick Astley himself.

The tune - which has been played ad nauseum since the inception of Rickrolling 15 years ago - is back to add insult to injury (as if getting knocked down yet again by a 9-year-old in Fortnite isn't enough.)

From the wording of Rick Astley's tweet, the emote might be limited edition though - so be sure to grab it while you can, if being annoying is your favourite pastime.

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