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The HONOR X Series Proves its "Lagi Tahan Lagi Best" Tagline

Ahead of its launch, you've probably seen the tagline "Lagi Tahan Lagi Best" for the HONOR X series. But what does it stand for?

The Honor X series has been tested for its quality with soft pressure tests of up to 2000 times, touchpad tests of 800000 times, and a 24-hour continuous salt spray corrosion test. The highest end of the series, the HONOR X9 passed the tests, showing only a 3.8% ageing rate after 3 years of usage.

In maintaining its product quality, HONOR has set 600 different quality standards covering aspects from manufacturing and development to design and materials and many others. The devices have also covered over 20 regulatory inspections and more than 190 reliability inspections.

Watch this video for more information on the HONOR X series quality tests.

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