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The Government Is Planning to Provide 5G Services at a Lower Price than 4G, Says Annuar Musa

While Malaysians are anticipating the launching of 5G services in Malaysia next month, our Minister of Communications and Telecommunications revealed that the government is planning to make 5G services more affordable than 4G.

During a conference meeting last week, Lembah Pantai MP asked the minister a question about the affordability of 5G services. In response, the minister said the government aims to reduce the cost of 5G services by using the Digital Nasional Berhad's infrastructure management.

According to Annuar Musa, the cost will increase if the government uses the auction approach as the consumers will be charged with the auction price. However, with the lack of proper 5G towers now, we still don't know how local telcos will offer Malaysians 5G services. Also, there's still no word on the progress between DNB and the local telcos as of now.


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