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The Fnatic X Hello Kitty Collection is Out and it's...Interesting

10 days ago in what was a surprising move, Fnatic dropped an announcement teasing a collaboration with Hello Kitty. Unlike the Cloud9 X Puma or LoL X Louis Vuitton crossovers, the Fnatic X HK collab looked to depart from the 'swag' route and head right down the path to kawaii hell.

And now, we finally get to take a look at the limited edition collection.

Call me a hater, but I've decided I'm not a fan of the designs. Some designs are better than others - the gaming hoodie featuring Hello Kitty sitting behind a gaming setup is pretty cute, but the rest just look like a bunch of logos haphazardly tacked on.

It's unfortunate enough that Fnatic's trademark orange and HK's signature red are already a glaring combination - but they decided to throw pastel pink into the mix, resulting in a jersey that looks like your old CRT TV losing its signal.

This cap is pretty cute tho

If the prices were decent enough, I might have turned a blind eye and picked up a piece just to add to my esports apparel collection, but at €119 (~RM546) for a jersey, I'm expecting something more swanky and less Petaling Street. Granted, the apparel is manufactured by Champion, but what's the point of paying so much for branded stuff if I can't rub my exorbitant purchase in people's faces, eh?

Thankfully, they also have options for fans on a budget. Apart from the caps, mousepads also retail €29.99 (~RM137) and for the medium size, and €34.99 (~RM160).

The mousepads are the standard Fnatic Focus 2 model, which means you're paying double the usual price just for Hello Kitty's face.

And if the mousepads are STILL too expensive for us poor Ringgit earners, we'll just have to settle for the sticker pack. :')

5 euros only

You can view the full collection here.

This is what we could've had, but NO
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