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The Epic Games Store Now Supports Community-Made Mods

When the Epic Games Store was first revealed, it garnered lots of negative criticism, most notably regarding its lack of features compared to its competitor, Steam.

However, Epic is slowly narrowing the gap between the two by rolling out more and more features anticipated by the gaming community, including achievements, self-serve refunds, and cloud saves. In fact, they have released a roadmap detailing their plans over the coming months to the public.

This latest update introduces community-made mods to the store, starting with Mechwarrior 5. Users will be able to browse, download, and install third-party mods directly from the Epic Games Store - similar to how the Steam Workshop functions.

Prior to this, the lack of mod support was a gaping absence in the growing digital distribution platform, so it is great that Epic is slowly stepping up their game and becoming a true contender to the juggernaut that is Steam. After all, competition breeds innovatiom - and as consumers, it is something that we will only benefit from.


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