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The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle to Launch on 6 June

During The Elder Scrolls Online 2022 Global Reveal stream, Bethesda announced that the next big Chapter for the Elder Scrolls will launch on 6 June on PC and Mac. It will then be released on Xbox and PlayStation on 21 June.

In High Isle, players will be introduced to an "island paradise steeped in medieval culture and architecture, complete with magnificent castles and exciting tournament grounds." The story will focus on political intrigue, where the Three Banners War will be put to an end.

When the new expansion arrives, players will have access to 2 new companions, Ember and Isobel. Ember is a Khajit who grew up on the streets with magical abilities while Isobel is a Breton and an aspiring knight.

There will also be a brand new card game called Tales of Tribute, complete with PvP and PvE modes. Players can increase their ranks through the game's leveling system and of course, there will be rewards waiting to be unlocked, such as furnishings, transmute stones, and even advancing a storyline by battling against specific NPCs.

While voiceovers will still be in English, developers have added new Spanish text translations in-game. Players can purchase the new Chapter through the Elders Scroll Online store, retailer, or platform store.


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