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The Day Before will get a 10-minute uncut "gameplay extravaganza" tomorrow

Are you ready for the upcoming gameplay footage?

Update: The Day Before 10-minute gameplay dropped as promised by Fntastic

The gameplay includes items, the menu system, gun customization, and other third-person action game elements. Surprisingly, the game features little to no HUD systems visible other than the ammo count when shooting your weapon.

You can watch the 10-minute gameplay trailer for The Day Before below:


The Day Before was originally planned to launch on March 1st, 2023. However, the dev pushed back the date all the way to November 10th, 2023 due to a trademark dispute.

Recently, Fntastic announced on the official Discord server that a 10-minute "gameplay extravaganza" will release on Fntastic official YouTube channel. As reportedly by PCGamer, the uncut gameplay will be revealed on February 2, 10 am PT.

In fact, the last gameplay of The Day Before appears to be heavily scripted. The community even suspected the game does not exist at all due to the last-minute delay. Let's hope that the studio doesn't disappoint the fans with the upcoming gameplay tomorrow.

Source: PC Gamer, MP1ST


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