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Tencent Acquires Polish Developer 1C Entertainment

Tencent has announced the acquisition of the majority stake of Polish game company 1C Entertainment and it will be rebranded (including a new name) within 6 months from now.

For those who didn't know about 1C Entertainment, it's the company behind titles, such as King's Bounty, Men of War, IL-2 Sturmovik, and many more. The company also owns QLOC, a co-development, testing, and localization company known for Cyberpunk 2077, Dark Souls Remastered, Mortal Kombat, and Devil May Cry.

"It is an amazing opportunity for 1C Entertainment to achieve our wildest dreams and aspirations in the video games business," said 1C Entertainment management board member Tomasz Nieszporski. "Our vision and passion will be now backed by a leading global games company, and I am humbled by the unique chance of working together with Tencent and the other top creative minds that are part of its global ecosystem."


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