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Tears of Themis Celebrates Valentine's Day with Limited-Time Events

Valentine's Day is coming and that means your husbandos in Tears of Themis are waiting for you! If you haven't logged in for some time, make sure you do because miHoYo has announced a series of limited-time events for this romantic season.

The limited-time "Love in the Air" event will take place from 11 - 25 February, where players can choose one MR card of the four male leads as the final prize and play up to a total of four rounds. Players who complete event missions will unlock rewards, such as Stellin, Home Deco Vouchers, and Queen's Love Songs, which can be used to exchange for new MR cards: Luke "Companionship," Artem "Intentions," Vyn "Promise," and Marius "Keepsake".

Another limited-time "Love in Flight" event will happen from 9 - 24 February, where players can help postal workers deliver love letters. Players will have to use the Big Data Lab's latest intel bird to send the letters. They can earn points through flying past buildings and completing letter deliveries, as well as collecting gifts and items during flights. The four male leads will offer different protective effects during the flights, which can be obtained once per round in a fixed order. Share the event or invite friends for assistance to gain extra HP bars.

From today until 23 February, players can log in to the game to receive S-Chips, Home Deco Vouchers, event-exclusive "Romantic Chocolate Badge", and more. Exclusive Valentine's Day "Sweet Melody" texts (Luke's text "Handmade Plushie," Artem's text "Reliving the Classics," Vyn's text "Homesick," and Marius' text "Surprise Dinner" will also be unlocked on Valentine's Day until 16 February.

Set in the fictional city of Stellis, Tears of Themis puts players in the shoes of a rookie attorney, where they conduct investigations and debates to solve cases. Players will be aided by four male protagonists who are also members of the NXX Investigation Team: Marius, Luke, Vyn, and Artem.

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