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Switch Compatible Hot Dog Controller released by Hyperkin

Hyperkin is accustomed to unconventional partnerships with its products. Renowned for producing a variety of video game controllers, some of which we particularly appreciate for use with our Switch, the accessory-focused retailer has unveiled not just one but three of its most peculiar collaborations to date.

Revealed on Twitter, three recently unveiled Bluetooth Pixel Art controllers and matching cases, ideal for the Switch, highlight the brand's unique collaborations with Oscar Mayer, a cold-cut meat company, Kool-Aid, a beverage manufacturer, and Huy Fong, a condiment company. Indeed, you now have the option to acquire a controller resembling a hot dog, among other quirky choices.

Although this marks Hyperkin's initial venture into partnering with food brands for this particular product line, the company has previously crafted other customized versions of these Switch controllers inspired by Super Nintendo, featuring themes such as Tetris and The Miraculous Ladybug.

Given that all of them are limited editions, if you're truly eager to acquire accessories for your Switch with condiment and food themes, it's advisable to secure them promptly.


Speaking of hotdog that is Red on Yellow; have you ever heard of Akko Mod007PC Mechanical Keyboard that is Blue on White?

The Akko MOD007PC produces pleasant sounds that serve as perfect morning melodies, with the simplicity of the Blue On White theme symbolizing the nature of the sky and clouds, providing a fluffy and premium flexy typing experience akin to touching the sky.

The addition of the Programmable Knob not only enhances your typing session but also transforms it into a fun activity. This experience is further amplified by features like the clacky out-of-box feel, premium flexy experiences of Per-Key Flex-Cut PCB (no RGB), gasket mount, Cherry Profile Double Shot Blue on White Keycaps, polycarbonate case, Poron Plate and Case Foams, Akko V3 Piano Pro Switches, and the upgraded multi-modes of the MOD 007B PC.

Get your Akko MOD007PC now from here:


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