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Survival-Builder Frostpunk Free on Epic Games Store This Week

Epic Games Store has unveiled its next mystery game, which is 2018’s wintery survival-builder Frostpunk.

The post-apocalyptic city builder sees players managing the city of New London. On one hand, players will have to develop the city and research technology like airships and automatons. On the other hand, they'll have to keep an eye on their citizens’ condition. Things like working routines and food provisions are factors to pay attention to in order to maintain morale. There are also decisions to make, such as determining the fate of a citizen, with consequences for your choices, and expeditions to carry out.

The game includes an Endless Mode with eight maps and three different modes. Endurance is meant to strain the player, while Builders provides no generator at the start of a run. On the other hand, Serenity focuses on the building without the stress of managing.

You can find Frostpunk’s EGS page here. Its expansions and Season Pass are also available, but you’ll have to buy them. #frostpunk #egs #epicgamesstore


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