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Steam User Extends Resident Evil Village Demo Beyond 1-Hour Limit

Resident Evil fans on PC can now enjoy the current and final multiplatform demo for Resident Evil Village without being restricted by its 60-minute timer limit, thanks to a solution offered by a Steam user.

Steam user Leaves recently laid out a series of steps that results in the timer being reset, which requires players to disable Steam Cloud for the demo and download the Steam Achievement Manager (Steam SAM) program. After that, you’ll have to delete your local save files, start up Steam SAM, and then select the the RE Village demo and remove its Achievements and Stats.

Leaves added, “If you do not want to set the settings again all the time, reset everything, start the demo to main menu, change all settings you need and close the game.

“No[w] go to your Local Save and copy data00-1.bin (this is where those settings are stored) Once you have to reset again, proceed as Step 3 and just add the data00-1.bin you saved to the folder.”

Capcom has dropped several new Resident Evil Village demos recently, but it has also been rather stingy with them. The company allocated both very limited availability periods and timers that prevented players from enjoying the demos beyond short bursts of time or, in the case of the former, made it difficult to play them in the first place.

While the current demo, which had its original 24-hour availability window extended after feedback, will no longer be available after May 9th, 4.59PM Pacific time, or May 10th, 7.59AM Malaysian time, Steam players at least have the option to make full use of that period now.

Resident Village is set to be released on May 7.


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