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Steam Deck Is Now Officially Available for Orders

Valve has officially launched its handheld device with the Steam Deck now available for order to the first batch of customers who have made their reservations.

Buyers will have 72 hours to complete their purchase after receiving an email from Valve or their reservation will be canceled. The second batch of emails will be sent out next week.

In conjunction with the launch, Valve has released a mini-game called Aperture Desk Job, designed to help users walk through the controls and features of the Steam Deck. Despite being designed for the console, the game will available for PC and anyone with a controller starting from 1 March.

In addition, Valve has created a "Great on Deck" page on Steam to showcase a list of titles that work well with the device, including Horizon Zero Dawn, Elden Ring, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Shadow Warrior 2, Stardew Valley, Hades, Terraria, and more.


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