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Steam Breaks Concurrent User Record Again with 26.4 Million Players

Steam has once again, and unsurprisingly, broken its concurrent user record with over 26 million players logging in at the same time.

Steam Database tweeted the record-breaking numbers on February 7, with the number of concurrent players being 26.3 million at the time. At the time of writing, that number has increased slightly to 26.4 million.

As SteamDB notes, the previous record of 25.4 million concurrent users was set just slightly over a month ago, on January 2. In 2020, the peak was 24.8 million according to Valve’s Year in Review post.

The biggest contributor of the numbers came from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, whose most recent daily peak according to the Steam stats was 1.1 million players. Evidently, the game is still doing well even after the release of Valorant. Dota 2 was next with 650,000 players, followed by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with 410,000 players.

Viking survival game Valheim managed to make it to the seventh spot with 131,000 players, despite being a new game that came out just last week on February 2. Another new game that’s doing well is Chinese game Tale of Immortal (it’s listed as 鬼谷八荒, which I have no idea how to pronounce). Despite being only available in Simplified Chinese, it had a peak player count of almost 176,000. That’s higher than what Team Fortress 2 and Grand Theft Auto had for their most recent daily peaks, and Apex Legends is only slightly ahead with 180,000 players.

It’s also possible that the currently ongoing Steam Game Festival February 2021 might be contributing to the numbers as well. Valve’s Year in Review post for 2020 mentioned that the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition resulted in 4 million players downloading “at least one demo”, while the Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition had 5.1 million demo activations. And of course, there are the still-ongoing lockdowns because of COVID-19.

You can check SteamDB’s stats here.


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