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Stand a Chance to Win the New OnePlus Nord for Only RM99

What's better than an affordable mid-range phone with great specs? A free one of course!

...well, not technically free, as you'll have to pony up RM99 to essentially gamble your luck in a raffle. In anticipation of the OnePlus Nord's arrival, OnePlus has set up a brand-new official store on Shopee.

Here is where OnePlus will be releasing 450 Mystery Boxes into the wild for RM99. Depending on your luck, you could be bringing home one of the two OnePlus Nords available.

Here's everything that's up for grabs in the Mystery Box event, which takes place at midnight on 4 August:

  • 2x OnePlus Nord smartphones

  • 10x OnePlus Buds

  • 15x OnePlus limited edition Nord Tyvek jackets

  • 423x OnePlus merchandise sets

Even if you're not RNGesus' golden child, you won't be completely burning your hard-earned money though, as OnePlus will be including a RM99 voucher in each box, to be used for future purchases in OnePlus' official Shopee store.

So if you were planning on getting the OnePlus Nord or Buds anyway, there's no reason you should be skipping out on the Mystery Box as you'll essentially be getting all your money back!

Mark your calendars for midnight, 4 August, and make a date with Lady Luck here.


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