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Sony Tears Down The PS5, Reveals Repositionable Base, Removable Plates, and More

Sony has provided a teardown video of the PlayStation 5, presented by the console’s engineering director Yasuhiro Ootori, to give us a closer look at the upcoming next-gen console.

Size-wise, the PS5 is 104mm wide, 390mm high, and 260mm deep. The rear of the console serves as its exhaust port, while the front has two air vents. The rear also has two Type-A ports with SuperSpeed USB support, a LAN port, a HDMI port, and a power port.

The body of the PS5 has a main cooling fan that draws air from both sides. The fan has a 120mm diameter and a thickness of 45mm. The console also features two dust catchers, from which you can vacuum out the collected dust. For future storage, it has a M.2 interface with PCIe 4.0 support.

For the blu-ray drive unit, it is covered by a sheet metal case and has two layers of insulators to provide noise and vibration reduction.

While the PS5 has been presented as standing upright, it can also be repositioned. At the bottom of the console is a base that can be unscrewed and hooked onto one of its plates, in line with one a mark, so that it can rest on its side. The screw can be kept in a dedicated compartment that’s built into the base itself.

The plates that flank the PS5’s black body can also be removed, with Ootori noting that users can do it themselves. Perhaps we can see custom plates in the future.

Check out the full teardown video below:

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