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Sony Patents Spoiler Blocking System In User Generated Content

While it isn’t surprising when a company patents a new system or feature, there are some times when said patent raises a few eyebrows.

Sony has recently patented a “Spoiler Block Service” which aims to create a feature that can block potential content spoilers in user-generated content such as videos and streams.

Their reasoning for the patent was to reduce the stress felt by spoiler-weary players who wish to engage in a community without being exposed to it. By attaching meta-data to specific objects in user-generated content, they would ideally be able to hide spoilers for specific users.

Sony has already done something similar with this by blocking certain scenes from being recorded through PlayStation’s in-game capture. Just imagine that feature on a much larger scale and is applicable to videos and livestreams.

While some might feel concerned with this feature being potentially draconian, it could also allow for people to easily avoid spoilers of their favourite games with ease.


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