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'Sleeping Dogs' Movie Adaptation May Finally Be in the Works

We'll not let sleeping dogs lie, especially if Donnie Yen is involved.

Announced back in 2017, the movie adaptation of the hit undercover cop video game Sleeping Dogs may finally be about to (re?)commence production. Production stills have been teased from as early as February 2018, followed by a long period of radio silence - at least up until now.

Action star Donnie Yen, who was cast as the lead character Wei Shen in the murky underworld of the Hong Kong Triads, recently posted a revealing update on his Weibo account. In the post, he stated that he is 'preparing to take on the next challenge', along with the hashtags #sleepingdog and #热血无赖 (which is basically Mandarin for Sleeping Dogs).

Sleeping Dogs lets you play the role of Wei Shen, an undercover cop from the Hong Kong Police tasked to infiltrate the infamous Triads in order to bring them down from the inside - but of course, he develops feelings for his fellow Triad members, and his loyalties begin to sway.

Sounds like a typical Hong Kong movie that Donnie Yen would excel in? We don't expect anything less.


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