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Singapore Esports Organisation Resurgence Rebrands as RSG

Leading Singapore-based Southeast Asian professional esports organisation Resurgence has just announced the company’s rebranding to RSG after three years of operations. The more streamlined name is a result of RSG placing their fans' interests first, with 'RSG' being their fanbase's affectionate abbreviation of 'Resurgence'.

Along with the new name, the rebrand also includes a new logo, website, and team jerseys to align with the organisation's new direction.

“The rebrand reflects our on-going commitment to innovate and evolve ahead of the pulse of the esports scene. In 2017, we started with a mission to empower and nurture aspiring players by creating opportunities for sustainable esports careers in Singapore. Today, we are on track to achieve a projected three-fold increase in revenue for our financial year, despite the pandemic’s impact. RSG is dedicated to showcase Singapore esports to a regional stage and raise the bar, as we scale up and diversify our offerings to other synergistic aspects of the gaming and esports market.”

- Jayf Soh, RSG’s Founder and CEO

Earlier this year, RSG revealed that they have set up operations in Myanmar and Vietnam, effectively increasing their reach beyond Singapore and Malaysia. With the regional expansion, RSG aims to increase their audience in Southeast Asia to 150 million by 2021.

RSG players regularly compete in major global and regional tournaments, including the upcoming E1 Championship, a premier motor racing tournament in the Asia Pacific. Being one of the two invited teams from Singapore, RSG will also compete in the ONE Esports Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational, which boasts a prize pool of US$100,000.

For more information, you may head on over to RSG's new website now.


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