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Santa Monica Studio Job Listing Hires Sr Combat Designers Caused Speculations for the GOW Sequel

God of War 5: Ragnarok was one of the most anticipated games released last year, selling more than 5 million units in its first week while also winning several awards. Although, God of War 5 has only been on sale for six months, seems like the developer Santa Monica is already preparing for a new entry in the series.

Recently, Tech 4 Gamers reported that Santa Monica is currently hiring a Sr Combat Designer (Companions) at PlayStation Global, with requirements to must have knowledge of God of War 4 (2018) and God of War: Ragnarok (2022) and be able to speak in depth about the combat systems, mechanics, and enemies.

Many fans of the title have expressed surprise at these "compulsory" work requirements. They've begun to speculate that Santa Monica Studio is putting together a team for a new title. However, with God of War: Ragnarok wrapping up the loose ends of Kratos' journeys in Norse mythology, some believe a DLC is more likely to occur.

Source: Tech 4 Gamers


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