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Samsung to Have RAM with AI Capabilities Soon

During the Hot Chips 33 conference, Samsung has unveiled new processing-in-memory (PIM) technology coming to its RAM modules for smartphones.

"Samsung’s LPDDR5-PIM mobile memory technology can provide independent AI capabilities without data center connectivity," the company noted in a press release. "Simulation tests have shown that the LPDDR5-PIM can more than double performance while reducing energy usage by over 60% when used in applications such as voice recognition, translation, and chatbot."

Samsung has yet to reveal more details on the LPDDR5-PIM technology so we still don't know how powerful it is and its ability to handle advanced tasks like image processing. The company also didn't mention if we will get to see the RAM in smartphones, or when if it does. However, Samsung is planning to "complete standardization of the PIM platform in the first half of 2022".


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