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Samsung’s Hole Display Quality Gets Recognition From Global Safety Company

The quality of Samsung’s OLED hole display area has gotten a thumbs up from global safety company Underwriters Laboratories.

Samsung said in a statement that UL had verified their new hole display area as possessing low colour deviation in its image quality “in terms of ‘hole area clarity,’ providing a balanced level of uniformity across the portion of the display surrounding the camera hole.” Their hole display area now “delivers industry-leading image quality as clear as that of the other parts of the display panel.”

UL had examined the 120Hz OLED display panels of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G and Galaxy Z Fold2 5G. They looked at deviations of colour, brightness, and saturation to assess the camera hole display area.

The camera hole display area has been given the name Iris Ring by Samsung. “This is because the display here features a verified uniformity of image quality, based on the understanding that human eyes tend to look more healthy and attractive when the eye’s iris and snow-white sclera are in stark contrast,” they said.


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