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Samsung's GEMS Fitness Exoskeleton is Like Ring Fit Adventure, But Clunkier

Samsung's contribution to the ongoing fitness movement is GEMS - the Gait Enhancing and Motivating System - which was introduced last year. At this year's CES, they introduced a pair of augmented reality glasses to go with it.

Picture credit: Engadget

The glasses appears to tether to your smartphone. and allows you to pick a virtual workout location and trainer to guide you through an exercise routine. The virtual trainer keeps tracks of your movements and encourages you with quips like 'good' and 'keep your balance'.

Sounds like Ring Fit? Sounds like Ring Fit, alright.

Picture credit: Engadget

But while Ring Fit Adventure is relatively convenient with only a ring and thigh strap that attaches to your pre-existing joycons, GEMS looks far clunkier and straps on to your waist in addition to your thighs.

Will this ever become a real thing? Only time will tell.


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