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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, it's all about the Flex.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series is part of Samsung's efforts to create foldable smartphones with flexible display technology. The devices in this series are designed to fold in half, allowing for a compact form factor when closed and a larger screen when opened. This design is meant to provide a balance between the convenience of a smaller device and the usability of a larger display which is called “Flex”.

Flex Window on the Z Flip 5

The most noticeable feature is the new Flex cover display, which measures 3.4 inches. This is 3.78 times larger than the previous generation. With a display resolution of 720×748, there's more room for helpful widgets and enhanced display clarity. The size and resolution of the Flex Window provide essential information without requiring the phone to be opened.

What functions can Flex Window perform?

The Flex Window offers direct access to various features, including weather, music control, and stock market updates, all through specially designed Samsung widgets. Additionally, users can conveniently check Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings on the cover display. Swipe up on the screen to access the essential Samsung Wallet, which serves as a repository for QR codes, coupons, boarding passes, health passes, digital keys, membership cards, and Samsung Pay functionalities.

What is Samsung FlexCam?

The term “FlexCam” means you can take pictures and videos without holding the phone on new Z Flip models, like the recent Z Flip 5 and the one-year-old Z Flip 4.

This uses the special hinge design of Samsung’s foldable phones. You can stand the phone on surfaces and take pictures of yourself or with friends without needing to ask others to take the pictures for you.

FlexCam on the Z Flip 5

The main attraction with the Z Flip 5, is where a fresh 3.4-inch cover screen serves as a camera preview, allowing you to refine your poses before capturing a photo. Gesture control, such as activating a camera timer by showing your palm, also streamlines the process of taking selfies as if having a camera and tripod combined.

What’s the difference between FlexCam and Flex Mode?

While FlexCam allows you to place the phone on a flat surface to capture a selfie, the Flex Mode refers to the automatic adjustments in the user interface when the phone is folded halfway to form an L-shape. This feature is also present on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.

In the Camera app, this results in shifting the shooting options – typically situated in the top half of the screen – to the bottom half. This enhances control when the phone is folded halfway. Additionally, you can hold the Z Flip 5 similar to a camcorder for video recording, with the lower screen portion transforming into a trackpad that facilitates video scrubbing.

More about Flex mode?

When your phone is partially folded, it will go into Flex Mode. Apps will reorient to fit the screen, letting you send messages or watch videos without holding the phone. For example, you can set the phone somewhere flat, like on a table, and use the bottom half of the screen to navigate. Unfold the phone to use the apps in a full screen mode, and partially fold it again to return to Flex Mode. Examples of apps that can be used in Flex mode is including:

  • Calendar: In Flex mode, the Calendar app could potentially display your upcoming appointments and events on the upper portion of the screen while showing a more detailed view of a selected event or day on the lower part.

  • Internet: When using the Internet app in Flex mode, you could view a webpage on the top half of the screen and navigation buttons, bookmarks, or tabs on the bottom half for easier browsing

  • YouTube: In Flex mode, the YouTube app might display the video you're watching on the upper part and show video information, comments, suggested videos, and controls on the lower part of the screen.

If you want to learn more about the additional functions of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, so you can get one and flex it to your friends, click to check out our FULL REVIEW HERE.


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