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Samsung AR Glasses Concept Videos Leaked

A couple of concept videos showing off Samsung’s AR Glasses have been leaked by Twitter user WalkingCat.

There are actually two products, the Glasses Lite and the AR Glasses. The first video shows off the former, which can project a virtual screen that can be used for gaming, watching videos, desktop work, and video calling. The functions are managed by a smartwatch, which lets the user swap between the virtual screen modes. There’s also New Dimension Display, which lets you see from a drone’s point-of-view via a display in a corner, and the self-explanatory Sunglasses Mode.

The second video features the AR Glasses, whose 3D holographic capabilities allow it to be used for interior design work. The video also shows off how one can expand a miniature replica-sized house to real-world dimensions, complete with furniture, and give a virtual tour via holo call.

It’s unclear how close Samsung is to realizing these capabilities at the moment, but a future where holo calls are the norm sure would be cool.

You can watch the videos below:


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