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Rumor: Persona 6 has been internally delayed, with absolutely zero chance to releases this year

Persona 6 is still in development as confirmed by ATLUS in the year 2021. Apparently, Persona 6 has been internally delayed according to a leaker who suggested the Persona 3 remake.

Here's what the leaker "Im A Hero Too" said in ResetEra:

"Absolute zero chance 6 releases this year. It was delayed internally just yesterday and there is a rough timeframe but can't share, sorry. "
"Could be to release remake first or the other game but I'm not privy to that info. if the teaser is at Sony's next show, I'll know beforehand and confirm."

As this statement was not officially confirmed by ATLUS, it's always better to take this with a grain of salt. As ATLUS has recently released Persona 3 Portable remake, it might take a while for the studio to release the Persona 3 remake unless they rush it.


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