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Rule Your Nation to Glory on Epic This Week

It's been two consecutive weeks since Epic offered only "The Escapists" for free last week, and this week, we're only getting the fourth installment of the award-winning Europa Universalis series.

Developed by Paradox Entertainment, Europa Universalis IV is a strategy game where players will control a developing nation from the late Middle Ages through the early modern period, turning it into a global empire. Players must use trade, exploration, warfare, and diplomacy to maintain the nation. Different from the previous installments is the newly introduced Monarch Power system, alongside new coalitions, royal marriages, and rebel groups. It is also the first game from the franchise to move onto 3D.

Interestingly, while the game was released back in 2013, it is still actively updated with its most recent expansion Leviathan launched in April this year. The free debut of the game on Epic Games Store will be great news for many of Epic's users.

Europa Universalis IV can be grabbed here.


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