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RTX2070 in an Ultraportable Form Factor? Meet Level 51's TERRA 15 and TERRA 15 Lite Gaming Laptops

Aftershock Singapore's little baby brother Level 51 has unveiled their newest family of laptops - the Terra 15 and the Terra 15 Lite.

Featuring up to an RTX2070 Max Performance edition graphics card, the Terra 15 is a beast packed into a deceptively sleek 15.6" aluminium chassis weighing no more than 2.1kg (yea the poster is wrong - confirmed by a Level 51 rep). The Terra 15 can also be fitted with an RTX2060, while the Terra 15 Lite comes with a GTX1660ti.

Both models feature an ultra-fluid 144Hz FHD IPS display, an Intel Core i7-9750H processor, and a free upgrade to 16GB of DDR4 2666MHz RAM during their CNY promo.

You'll also have 512GB of M.2 NVMe SSD, with a free upgrade to 1TB for the Terra 15 (RTX 2060/2070 models).

Customise your perfect Terra 15 and Terra 15 Lite starting from RM4,615.

You can also read our review of Level 51's Forge 15 laptop here. #level51 #gaminglaptops #terra15 #terra15lite


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