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ROG X IKEA Gaming Range Will Arrive Across Stores on 11 November and Online on 14 November

ROG fans, the wait is finally coming to an end! The all-new IKEA Gaming Range will consist of 5 product families, including UPPSEL, LÅNESPELARE, MATCHSPEL, UTESPELARE, and HUVUDSPELARE. The UPPSEL line is designed by both IKEA and ROG together, while the rest are developed by IKEA, inspired by ROG.

The gaming range will include ergonomics gaming desks and chairs as well as accessories at different price points for all gamers out there. The IKEA Gaming Range will be available in-store from 11 November onwards and will be available for online purchase via from 14 November onwards.

On top of that, IKEA Family members will be entitled to redeem a limited-edition ROG T-shirt with a minimum in-store purchase of RM500 in a single transaction on IKEA's Gaming Range, starting from 11 November.

Note that each customer is limited to buying up to 2 units of gaming furniture and 3 units of gaming accessories in a single purchase from 11 - 13 November. Also, all desks and chairs from the IKEA Gaming range will come with a 3-year product guarantee.

Gaming Chair

MATCHSPEL Gaming Chair (Black / White)

The MATCHSPEL gaming chair helps you play at the top of your game. This chair features a backrest made of breathable mesh, coupled with built-in lumbar support, adjustable height, and armrests so you can sit comfy when the game begins. It is priced at RM699.


Priced at RM499, the UTESPELARE gaming chair gives your body ergonomic support with a synchronized seat and back tilt that follows your movements during the entire match. There’s also a pocket located on the back of the chair where you can put the items you need while gaming. Its practical, leather-like upholstery is durable and easy-to-wipe clean.


The HUVUDSPELARE gaming chair comes with a backrest and mesh net that can let you stay cool while giving you good lumbar support. It is priced at RM 299.

Gaming Desk

UPPSPEL Gaming Desk (L140 /180cm)

UPPSPEL gaming desk helps you perform at your best. It’s large, durable, and sturdy. You can also quickly and easily adjust the height so that you can enjoy the optimal position during the match – with the option to stand or sit when gaming. This desk also features a built-in USB port to charge your device. To suit your gaming needs, the UPPSPEL gaming desk is available in 2 sizes, with a length of 140 cm or 180 cm, priced at RM2,299 and RM2,499 respectively.

UTESPELARE Gaming Desk (black & light grey)

The sturdy UTESPELARE gaming desk can be adjusted to a height that optimally suits you. The metal mesh of the tabletop allows air to circulate and cool your PC when the match heats up. It will be available at RM499.

FREDDE Gaming Desk

The FREDDE gaming desk can hold up 2 units of 24” screens or a 32” computer or TV by removing the shelf above the tabletop. The high-side panels also help prevent a distracting glare from your monitor, complete with built-in dedicated cable management compartments to keep your cables neat and accessible. It's priced at RM999.

Gaming Accessories

LÅNESPELARE Mouse Bungee Black AP

Priced at RM49, the bungee keeps your mouse cord in order and gives you the full freedom of movement needed to win the game.


The LÅNESPELARE headset stand is where you can hang and show off your cool headset while having it close at hand when the game begins. It's also a way to keep your desk neat and tidy. The stand will be available at RM79.


You can clamp the LÅNESPELARE mug holder to your desk to enjoy a refreshing drink while keeping it at a safe distance from the keyboard and mouse. The holder is priced at RM49.

LÅNESPELARE Mug with Lid and Straw

Priced at RM30, the stainless-steel mug can keep your drink cold for a longer period of time. The silicone sleeve provides a good grip and keeps your fingertips dry. It also comes with a cleaning brush to keep your mug spick and span.


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