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ROG and ACRONYM Launch "Sky Any Colour" Online Exhibition

In case you're feeling deep and contemplative in an artsy way, you can check out Sky Any Colour, an online group exhibition curated by design agency ACRONYM. They previously collaborated with ROG on their special edition Zephyrus G14 laptop earlier this year.

This time, the ROG Zephyrus G14 takes center stage again, forming the basis for the Sky Any Colour program launch. Over 50 global artists and designers have taken part in the exhibition, splintering off into smaller teams to create various forms of artwork "exploring humanity's increasingly complex relationship with the future."

“The ACRONYM® design process is rooted in a fundamentally optimistic vision for the future. This isn’t because we think the world is perfect, far from it. But to achieve a better future, we have to believe the future can actually be better. We explore this idea in our own designs, and want to invite other creators to explore it in their own ways.”

- Errolson Hugh, Co-Founder of ACRONYM

You may check out the exhibition's selection of film, animation, music, graphic and photographic works on their official website now.


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