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Riot Games Reveals Official Trailer and Launch Date for Arcane

Following the TUDUM global event, Netflix has revealed the official trailer of the upcoming animated series based on League of Legends - Arcane.

Arcane will premiere globally on Netflix and Tencent video in China on 6 November. The series will be divided into three acts with three episodes for each act. The first act will launch on 6 November, followed by the second and third act on 13 November and 20 November respectively.

Set in the world of Runeterra, the series will feature the story of League of Legends champions, Jinx and Vi, and how the sisters turn into foes. "We wanted to explore the idea of what you would do for your family, what values you’d compromise, and the conflict you’d endure," said Christian Linke, co-creator of Arcane.

Besides the conflict between the siblings, the series will also dive into the conflict between the shiny Piltover and the seedy Zaun. Fans will get to see familiar faces from Piltover like Jayce and Cailtyn, as well as new faces from Zaun such as Vander and Silco, who will play "critical roles in shaping the evolving world".

Arcane will be released immediately after the League of Legends Worlds Final on 6 November.


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