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Riot Games Releases Audio-Driven Spectrum Skin Line in Collaboration with Zedd

Riot Games has revealed Spectrum, VALORANT's first audio-driven skin line created in collaboration with Grammy award-winning artist and Immortal-ranked VALORANT player, Zedd.

Compared to VALORANT's previous skin line, the new Spectrum line takes a different approach as creators focus on the sound design first and the skin models last. "For Spectrum, we worked backwards—with audio first, VFX second, and model last. This required us to slightly rethink how we typically produce skins, but also was a fun challenge for the team that allowed us to develop the best skin possible," said Chris Stone, Senior Weapons Artist for VALORANT.

"The very first time I got my hands on VALORANT, I pretty much stopped playing all

other games. It was the perfect combination of my favorite games," Zedd said. "When I was younger I was obsessed with Counter-Strike, and in recent years I played loads of Overwatch, but felt like the room for “clutch” moments just wasn’t there. When I heard about VALORANT, I thought it could combine my love for abilities with the high-consequence gameplay of a game like Counter-Strike."

The Spectrum bundle includes skins for the Phantom, Classic, Bulldog, Guardian, and Waveform Melee. The base level of the skins comes with custom models and ADS reticle that changes colour when you move. On level 2, there will be a new custom muzzle flash, which changes colour as you move, and firing audio. Level 3 will add custom equip and reload audio and visual effects, as well as accent colours that change when you move. This level will offer a unique custom inspect sound that’s different for each weapon and pulses to the beat of other sounds. The final level will add a kill banner and finisher. The finisher will change colour based on location and whether or not the bomb is planted. The melee will also have a custom inspect sound. The weapons and melee skins have black, red, and purple/pink variants.

Besides the skins, the bundle also includes a Spectrum gun buddy, Zedd gun buddy, Spectrum card, and Spectrum spray.

The Spectrum bundle costs 10,700 VP and falls in the Exclusive Edition price tier.


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