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Riot Games' Project L officially named 2XKO, target to release by 2025

2XKO (formerly Project L) is Riot Games’ upcoming, free-to-play tag team, assist-based fighting game, target to release by 2025 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S platform. The game is set in a uniquely modern expression of League of Legends’ world of Runeterra and built on the core tenets of what makes fighting games fun, including high levels of mastery, limitless player expression, and adrenaline-inducing competition, while also offering streamlined controls and gameplay mechanics that enable "faster fun."

An always-evolving fighting game built alongside the fighting game community, 2XKO aims to elevate and expand the fighting game experience - while also demonstrating a long-standing commitment, investment, and partnership with players around the world.


Duo-Play - In addition to classic one-on-one competition, 2v2 co-op tag team play allows players to pair up with a friend, offering new ways to play outside of pure 1v1 competition

League’s Runeterra - 2XKO is a stylish fighter set in an uniquely modern expression of

League of Legends’ Runeterra with iconic LoL champions reflected in new and exciting ways, yet always remain true to their core.

Controls - 2XKO’s streamlined controls and gameplay mechanics enable faster fun, while preserving the game’s high level of depth and mastery

FGC Focus - 2XKO embraces the values and ethos of the FGC with a grassroots approach to building and connecting players to the broader fighting game community, bringing the rivalry and camaraderie of an IRL arcade to a live service, online game

Developer Pedigree - Riot is wholly committed to 2XKO for the long term and will bring unique value to the FGC space from proven FGC veterans

Riot plans to showcase playable demos of 2XKO at various events worldwide throughout 2024, with the first stop starting at Evo Japan in April, while targeting at-home playtesting by end of the year. Interest playtesters can sign up here.

For more information and updates, follow 2XKO socials on X, IG, FB and TikTok.


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