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Riot Games Announces Arcane x Among Us Collaboration

In celebration of Arcane's global launch, Riot Games is collaborating with Among Us, letting players play as their favourite Arcan character in Among Us. The Arcane Cosmicube is available from now until 31 December.

The collaboration will give players access to champions, hats, and skins from the League of Legends franchise like Heimerdinger, Jayce, and Caitlyn, as well as Heimerdinger's Poro pet. The full list of cosmetics include:

  • Heimerdinger's Hair

  • Heimerdinger's Moustache

  • Heimerdinger's Suit

  • Heimerdinger's Poro

  • Enforcer Helmet

  • Enforcer Armor

  • Caitlyn's Cap

  • Caitlyn's Uniform

  • Vi's Hair

  • Vi's Clothes

  • Jinx's Hair

  • Jinx's Goggles

  • Jinx's Clothes

  • Jayce's Hair

  • Jayce's Council Suit

  • Chomper

  • Claggor's Goggles

Players can get these permanent items from Among Us’ Cosmicube system. Cosmicube is an unlockable cosmetics system within the game. Players can purchase a themed Cosmicube, activate it to obtain Pods through gameplay, and use those Pods to unlock cosmetics via a branching path system within the Cosmicube. Do note that all cosmetics are purely visual and do not have any effect on gameplay.


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