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Rigged Throw or Bad Play? Xiao8 Accuses Avengerls of Matchfixing in StarLadder ImbaTV Minor

"If this match is not fixed, I will eat sh*t on stream"

Veteran Dota player Zhang 'xiao8' Ning was so outraged by Avengerls' series against Newbee in the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor #3 that he said he would stream himself snacking on faeces if proven wrong.

Well, that's a bold claim to make, but is it justified?

Avengerls, who were facing Newbee in the upper bracket, had won their first match and taken a clear lead in the second before shit went downhill real fast. Instead of opting for a clean 2-0, Avengerls started playing like the disorganised pubs you see every day in SEA server.

I mean, take a look at this:

Morphling casually starts when he was clearly out of position, then Tiny decides to toss a DD Medusa with an Aegis right into the heart of his team, enabling her to pull off a beautiful Stone Gaze, and the kicker was Faceless Void randomly jumping in and wasting his Chrono after half his team has melted.

There were several other questionable decisions that Avengerls made, causing the game to go south pretty rapidly. However, there is still the lingering chance that Avengerls simply crumbled due to internal disagreements or lack of composure - though it must still be noted that Avengerls is made up of high MMR players from the China region, including Deska who is number 7 on the core leaderboards.

Whether it was matchfixing or simply bad plays that snowballed into a loss, we hope that this issue will be investigated as matchfixing simply has no place in the professional esports scene.


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