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Riders Republic Will Start Beta on 23 August

Ubisoft has announced that Riders Republic will run its beta later this month from 23 - 25 August.

The "massively multiplayer sports game" allows for more than 50 players to compete against each other in sports, including mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, wingsuit flying, and rocket wingsuiting. The beta will let players try out three of the game's careers: bike races, snow tricks, and air sports. There will also be new maps appearing randomly on the map every hour.

Players will be able to participate in 6v6 matches in the Tricks Battle and try to perform as many tricks as possible to capture modules and earn points. The beta will also feature Free for All which allows players to challenge opponents across various playlist events. Finally, there's the Versus Mode where players can join up with their friends' career progression for some healthy competition.

The Riders Republic Beta can be signed up here. Participants will be able to send beta invites to two friends. It can be pre-loaded on 21 August.


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