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[Review] Perfect Nintendo Switch Companion: The ROG Strix Go 2.4 Headset

ROG is back with another hit - unlike the ROG Delta and Theta headsets that we've reviewed before, the ROG Strix Go 2.4's main selling point is its portability and seamless 2.4GHz wireless connectivity.

While the Strix Go can also be used for the PC and phone, it most notably works perfectly with the Nintendo Switch, a notoriously difficult device for wireless peripherals to get along with. So much so, that this is the first promotional image that pops up on the Strix Go's product page:

Designed with portability in mind

Unlike other headsets which come nestled within a bunch of padding in the box, the Strix Go comes pre-packed in a nice case with an abundance of compartments for your cables, dongles, and other bits and bobs. The case is smooth to the touch and well padded for travelling. The headset fits snugly inside, allowing no room for jiggling and sliding about, while the wireless dongle is nestled tightly within a specially-moulded compartment.

I really, really adore this case, as I do any product with specially-designed complementary accessories. The only gripe I have here is that the case does not have a handle or strap, which would be perfect considering that this product was designed with portability at the forefront.

Impeccable build quality as always

One thing I've come to expect of ROG peripherals is good build quality, and the Strix Go is no exception. It has a lovely soft-touch exterior and suuuuper plush padding on the headband and earcups.

Although it's extremely lightweight at less than 300g, it does not feel cheap at all. The earcups swivel more than 180° which makes them super easy to stow and fit comfortably around your neck.

The headband is also super flexible and can be extended a considerable amount to fit even the largest head.

Aesthetics-wise, ROG has departed from their usual edgy gamer-centric look and ditched the RGB lighting altogether; I think this a good choice to help preserve battery life since it's designed to be used on the go most of the time anyway. In its place, you'll find the ROG word and logo engraved on each of the earcups.

The wireless

The Strix Go 2.4 supports two types of connections: wired via 3.5mm jack, and wireless via a 2.4GHz USB-C dongle. A USB-C to USB-A adapter is also provided, meaning that the headset will work with nearly every device you have.

There's also a USB-C charging cable, but this is purely for charging purposes only as it doesn't carry audio.

One thing I really have to commend is that the wireless on this headset works seamlessly on every device I tried it on.

Handphone? Instant connection

Handheld Switch? Zero latency audio.

Docked Switch and PC via the USB-A adapter? No problems either.

Unlike Bluetooth wireless, you'll enjoy absolutely no discernible delays in audio, and no fussy pairing process. All you have to do is stick it in the right hole and it just works.

As someone who's struggled to find a suitable wireless audio solution for the Switch that works in both handheld and docked mode (it doesn't support Bluetooth natively), the Strix Go 2.4 is a damned miracle.

The closest I've ever got is using a Gulikit route air Bluetooth dongle paired to TWS earphones - and even that suffered from major interference and delays in docked mode. The Strix Go? Seamless and effortless connectivity right off the bat.

In fact, the only complaint I have is that you need to physically switch between wireless and wired mode via the toggle located on the left earcup, which is strange cause headphones usually default to wired mode when the cable is connected. As it is, the Strix Go will go into sleep mode after 5 minutes, and the only way to wake it up is to switch to wired mode and back again.

Underwhelming audio quality

Ah, we've come to the only disappointing part of the Strix Go - the audio quality. It's not bad, per se, it is just super flat.

Listening to music was not a very stimulating experience - sure, everything sounded clear enough, but nothing really stood out. The bass was flat, and the vocals lacked the richness I was used to after being spoiled by the Delta and Theta.

Like I said, it's not bad audio quality, but at this price point I certainly expected the audio to be as outstanding as its design and functionality. Then again, if you're getting this mainly to play Switch games and watch YouTube videos, it will work perfectly fine for you - it's not a dealbreaker for sure.

Another perk is that it comes with a both a built-in mic and a detachable gooseneck mic, both of which feature ROG's AI noise-cancelling feature. Like the Theta, the Strix Go also experiences the odd echo-ey sound quality. Otherwise, it picks up your voice well, while doing a great job of suppressing unwanted noise.

Personally, I think the built-in mic sounds slightly better than the detachable mic, so that's an even bigger plus for me as I can cut down on the footprint of the headset when I'm out and about.

Buy or no buy?

The ROG Strix Go 2.4 is a headset that excels at what it's designed for - extreme portability and seamless wireless connectivity. Honestly, if these were the only two things I'm judging the headset on, it'd score a full 10/10 for me.

Unfortunately, there were a couple of shortcomings (hey, there's no such thing as a perfect product, right?) Firstly, the audio was mediocre for its price range, and the mic - although serviceable - still suffers from the strange echo-ey quality as its brethren.

Don't get me wrong, both the audio and mic are perfectly serviceable and perform better than a lot of other headsets out there, but I am judging it a little more harshly due to its high price point.

So, should you get it? Well, if you want the perfect solution to your wireless audio woes for your Nintendo Switch, then it's a definite yes. If you're an avid traveller looking for a fuss-free device nicely packed into a purpose-built case, it will also be a yes from me.

If you prioritise sterling audio quality above portability and wireless connectivity, then the ROG Delta might be a better bet at the same price point,

If you're gonna go (heh) pick up the ASUS ROG Strix Go 2.4 headset, you can get it for a cool RM749 at your nearest authorised ROG retailer.


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