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[Review] Fire and Tilt-Proof: The Wicked Bunny Rapid RGB Gaming Mouse + Sprint Mouse Pad

If you have been following our website, you'll know that we have recently dropped a couple of reviews on industry newcomer Wicked Bunny's range of peripherals. So far, we've covered the Agility RGB gaming keyboard, the Proximity HDSS headset, and today we'll be finishing off the series with the Rapid RGB gaming mouse and Sprint gaming mouse pad.

Judging by the naming convention of their products, Wicked Bunny appears to have a need for speed (heh). Anyway, we'll soon find out if these babies are a right fit for you (and your hand).

Rapid RGB Gaming Mouse: Solid performance, no-frills design

First up, every gamer's primary weapon (unless you're a keyboard warrior main, that is) - the mouse.

As its name implies, the Rapid RGB Gaming Mouse is built for FPS gamers. Both the chassis and cable are lightweight, weighing in at only 88g, so this is one for those who value speed. Unfortunately for southpaws (as is always the case), the mouse features curves designed for right-handed claw and fingertip grippers.

The surface is made of hard plastic which I like, as soft touch surfaces degrade pretty quickly in our humid climate even if they are nicer to touch when they're brand-spanking new.

It also features a modest amount of buttons - only 2 side buttons and a DPI switcher on top of your usual clickers and scroll wheel. This is definitely something I can appreciate as I'm not a big MMO player who finds use in additional macro buttons - in fact, they are often a hindrance as I tend to misclick them a lot.

The side buttons and DPI switcher are finished in silver, which provides a nice contrast against the its black exterior. Its minimalist aesthetics are echoed throughout the Rapid's design - there is some RGB lighting, but it's confined to the scroll wheel and logo only.

If you're a serial mouse dropper, the textured sides are extremely grippy, preventing you from 'accidentally' tossing your mouse at the monitor. Underneath you'll find relatively small feet which still glided pretty well.

Sounds pretty vanilla so far, huh?

Well, one outstanding aspect that I absolutely love about this mouse is the super lightweight and flexible cable.

I have always been a wireless mouse user as I hate the draggy feeling of being tied down (I may also be too violent for mouse bungees) but the cable on this mouse is so light that it literally feels wireless. I don't feel it dragging against the table surface, and even if it knocks into objects, it's so flexible that you don't even register the collision.

Apart from that, it's also equipped with a decent PMW3389 sensor, which hasn't given me any tracking issues so far (or maybe I'm just a shitty player to start with). On top of that, Wicked Bunny boasts that its sensor is calibrated to withstand 'tilt-slamming' which hopefully means what I think it means.

I did test it out by rage slamming the mouse against the table a few times, and impressively it's still alive and unfazed, so that's a good sign in terms of durability. The mouse buttons utilise ZF Cherry switches, which honestly feel too shallow for me - but they are still firm enough to give you good tactile feedback.

Overall, I think the Rapid RGB is a nice addition to Wicked Bunny's portfolio, which is designed around their philosophy of solid, no-frills peripherals at an affordable price point.

Sprint Gaming Mouse Pad: Built to be indestructible

Okay, maybe 'indestructible' is a bit of a reach, but there's no denying that Wicked Bunny designed this product to withstand some serious abuse.

Made of Cordura fabric, the Sprint is highly resistant to abrasion and tearing (now you can let your cat roam your desktop in peace), and is also aqua-phobic and flame retardant.

Yes, it's 'scared' of water...or is water scared of it? :thinking:

And no, the Sprint isn't going to protect you from the wrath of your teammates after your 0-15 spree, but it WILL withstand the other type of flame pretty well. Not that I'm recommending you to put out cigarettes on this thing (ew, nasty) but it appears to be possible if you're planning to heed my suggestion and be a nasty basement gamer who dumps ash freely on their poor peripherals.

The edges also come with anti-fray stitching to prevent those nasty flyaway threads or rolled up layers. On the bottom, you'll enjoy lots of friction thanks to the excellent rubber padding that clings on to your table harder than you cling on to your partner.

Design-wise, it's actually one of the better few from Wicked Bunny's portfolio (I'm looking at you, Promixity and Agility). The company has refrained from slapping on the 'Wicked Bunny' words in a bright silver font, and instead opted to keep it more discreet with a barely grey-orange print.

Of course, you'll still find the Wicked Bunny logo on the bottom right corner, but it does provide nice contrast against the simple black background - and it matches the orange of the Cordura logo tab on the top left too!

The surface of the mouse pad is pretty rough, which according to its website, boasts 'medium static frictional force and low dynamic frictional force'.

In case you're confused, I've done the Google legwork for you: in simple English, it simply means that it has a medium amount of friction when your mouse is stationary, and a low amount of friction when it's moving.

In other words: it glides smoothly, but stops quickly.

I hope that clear it up for you, cause I'm not always the best at explaining things (not a good quality for a writer to have).

ANYWAY. The Sprint is a durable mouse mat which does what it's supposed to do with remarkable aplomb. It also comes in 4 different sizes to suit your table layout and preferences, which is nice.

Buy or no buy?

The Rapid RGB gaming mouse retails for US$54.99 (~RM234), while the Sprint gaming mouse pad starts from US$14.99 (~RM64) for the smallest size, which is pictured above.

Overall, I think they are both decently priced products that offer great quality with a no-nonsense design. If you're looking for a mid-ranged product that ticks all the basic boxes and fits right into your budget, it'd be a crime to not check these products out.

And that concludes our review series of Wicked Bunny's debut line of peripherals. If you're curious to see what else this Taiwanese company has up their sleeve, you can also check out our reviews on the Agility RGB gaming keyboard and the Proximity HDSS gaming headset.

Tomorrow, we'll also be releasing a video testing out all of their claims - yes, it will involve lots of fire and water, so be sure to check it out!


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