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Redeem Your Free US$10 Epic Games Coupon Now

The Epic Games Store is giving Steam a run for their money with their Epic Holiday Sale 2020. From huge discounts to a free game every 24 hours, there are plenty of reasons to check out the EGS during this festive period.

Anyway, if you're planning on filling up your game library with games on sale, don't forget to redeem your free US$10 Epic Coupon, which will be automatically applied on your next purchase worth US$14.99 and above (after discounts have been applied).

All you have to do is visit here and click the 'GET MY EPIC COUPON' button, or simply redeem a free game during the applicable time period, after which you'll receive the coupon automatically.

Do note that the coupon "cannot be used on pre-purchases or any non-game purchase such as add-ons (like DLC or season passes) or in-game purchases (such as in-game currency, like V-Bucks in Fortnite, or upgrades like Save the World mode)." All unredeemed coupons will expire at 11am EST on 7 January 2021, when the sale concludes.

Also, if you haven't redeemed your free game of the day yet, click here to add Cities Skylines to your account for absolutely no charge.


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