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Reddit Rolls Out TikTok-Like Video Feed on iOS

According to TechCrunch, Reddit has rolled out a TikTok-like video feed to iOS users.

If you're an iOS user, you will be able to access the video feed by tapping the button located next to the search bar. You'll see videos that you can swipe from subreddits that you have subscribed to as well as related communities. Similar to TikTok, you can upvote, downvote, leave comments, gift awards, or share the videos.

TikTok refused to comment when TechCrunch asked about the company's plan to use an algorithm to promote the discovery of new subreddits. However, a spokesperson from the company revealed that it will use "Dubsmash’s technology to develop other features down the road, though not for this particular product".

Reddit didn't have a timeline for when the feature will be available to iOS users across different regions but only said that it has first reached some users in July. While the feature will continue to be rolled out to all iOS users, we still don't know if it will be made available for Android users.


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